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The Early Learning Blog

Hi! My name is Stephanie Antoni and I am here to answer all of your questions about raising healthy and balanced preschoolers.   I mentor parents and early child educators in bringing a truly child-centered approach to our work with young children.

After years of consulting with parents about children's behavioral issues, I have found that there are often simple solutions that lead to positive changes to the family.  I know children well - their needs, their motivations, their desires, their developmental nuances. Using this information, I help parents and educators find solutions to their challenges with children.

It all starts with relationships - trust and respect are the cornerstone to any healthy family and group dynamic that involves children. I help parents and educators develop the skills necessary to promote that trust and mutual respect in their relationships with children.

Visit my blog page to find valuable reflections and advice relating to the preschool years. I want to help you get to know children on the deepest level while facilitating your own self discovery, so that you can build your relationship and serve children's highest needs.


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