Consulting Sessions Now Available

I now offer Parent Consulting sessions at a low cost for parents in the Bay Area (in person) and beyond (by phone).  Consultations typically deal with addressing children's problematic behaviors and challenging family dynamics.

Also refer to my Resources page, which offers a list of early childhood authors that may give further insight into your issues at home.

My Approach

My work with families is based on these core beliefs:

  1. Most problems can be solved in a short period of time with small, accessible changes that have a meaningful impact on the relationship dynamic
  2. Most changes are simple but take consistency and discipline. Adults must be willing to look at their own part of the problem.
  3. All of the answers are right in front of us: the child is presenting all of the information that we need.
  4. Trust and respect are primary needs in any adult-child dynamic. Prioritize those and the rest falls into place.

Whether you're a parent who is having trouble with a behavior issue, or a teacher with a classroom-wide problem, I think I can help. Let's chat!